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New market growth drives brand refinement

Long term client Strategic Decom are constantly aware of increasing activity in the decommissioning industry with new competitors and potential clients entering the market daily.

This is why they are continually refining their services and creating more opportunities for their business to grow.

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Right from the start of the briefing process we were delighted with the way the team totally understood where we were placing ourselves as a business and embedded our distinctive ethos in the final design concepts.

Richard Heard—Managing Director​, Strategic Decom

Alongside FortyTwo friend and collaborator Emma Gordon, we looked at how Strategic Decom communicate their brand and market their expertise through the recent market growth in decommissioning.

We created a series of marketing materials including exhibition graphics, brochures and website refinements to provide the team of decommissioning experts with a reinvigorated message and creative toolkit that helps them nurture their business and drive growth.

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Connected to this refinement, we also helped develop their new Joint Venture brand –

In this portal you can access a broad spectrum of decommissioning insight and information that is of real tangible value the the industry.

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