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Re-imagining savoury preserves

The Kingsgate Preserves brand repositions classic sweet and savoury preserves for a discerning contemporary market. Developing a unique range of flavours, featuring distinctive botanicals and select soft fruits, Kingsgate stands proud in a very tired market. We created the brand from the ground up, through naming, identity creation and product positioning.

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More at home in Harvey Nicks than the supermarket shelf

This brand and packaging system needed to be more akin to a ‘designer label’ than crafty start-up, more Harvey Nicks, than supermarket shelf. All design elements contribute to this creating this distinctive preserve - through the naming, print finish, tactile paper stock, and hand drawn botanical illustrations.

Together the elegant brand identity and label system, perfectly positions Kingsgate as a premium and desirable brand producing the highest quality preserves.

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This year Kingsgate founder Sarah found her passion project of making preserves for friends and family turn into a small but ambitious business. Unlike a lot of food and drink start-ups, Sarah set her sights as far away from the local food markets as she could.

With a clear and strong vision for her brand, she set out to become ‘the’ premium preserves company on the market. The naming, identity and final label system all needed to be perfectly positioned for a small and discerning audience. From the typography, and brand mark, down to the quality specialist finish on beautifully embossed paper – all design elements dovetail together to make the experience of picking up and opening a jar of Kingsgate stand clear above the competition.

Definitely not grannies garden, and not country kitchen, Kingsgate produces exquisite preserves made with the finest premium ingredients for a discerning consumer. We worked with globally recognised Windmill Printing to produce a luxury label with a confident finish to reflect the confidence in product.

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