FortyTwo Studio

Welcome to the studio. It’s our home. It's where we work, it's where we think and sometimes, where we play.

Returning to Studio work after the weirdness of 2020-2021 has confirmed one thing — it's a special place for us.

One day, you might hear nothing but mouse-clicking and keyboard chatter. Another day, we might be holding impromptu conferences in the middle of the Studio, entertaining clients, trying out products, playing ping pong, doing potato-printing, running a photoshoot, hosting a 'lunch and learn' session or making coffee. Yep – always making coffee.

We create work that helps our clients do what they need to do — sell a product or service, build a brand, communicate more effectively or just look really cool. We like to make new friends, work with nice people and try new things. If you've got a plan, an idea, or are just curious about who we are, come in or get in touch.

Our Values

No Horror Stories

Win Together & Lose Together

Authentic & Honest

Corporate & Boutique

Get Involved

Do It Yourself

42 is built on these values, and we look for clients who share them too.

We know finding an agency who are the right 'fit' is no easy task. What's more, finding an agency who can deliver on what they promise — well, that can be even harder.

With an open-door policy to clients, peers, and suppliers, our approach relies on openness, fairness and honesty with whoever we deal with. This is at the very core of what we do.

Show your cards, be open to ideas, and don't hesitate to challenge what you've seen before — we love our work, we trust our clients and we enjoy being a team. We are always keen for the chance to show you what we can achieve — together.

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Coffee Slurpers

Film Geeks

5-a-Side Heroes

Cake Disruptors


Broken Surfers

Unbroken Surfers

Commonwealth Rower

Doggo Lovers

Gin Aficionados

Good Eggs


35 is a co-working hub for the creative industries. It is a place where established practitioners, start-ups and students of design, architecture and related crafts can build and nurture their businesses and careers. Collaboration, network-building and supporting the next generation of creatives is at our very core, and 35 is a vivid reflection of that.

We believe that advancing and celebrating Aberdeen’s creative impact begins with a bedrock of talent. By retaining homegrown flair and expertise — and attracting creative groups and individuals from further afield — we can make vital strides in growing a creative community that is inspiring, supportive and that provides robust links across industry and education.

Coming soon.

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35Midstocket Road
Aberdeen, AB11 6HQ

A creative community hub for business, learning and collaboration

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