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Engineering with Character

Optimus Engineering have enjoyed decades of success as one of the leading engineering consultancies in the Oil and Gas sector. As energy markets flexed and a younger market emerged, Optimus knew it was time for a change. A new generation of engineers were now at the helm, and the marketplace was ever-challenging.

Optimus engaged FortyTwo to find out what did they need to do to ensure they could grow their market position and engage with their loyal team more than ever.

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The Strategy

Building new brand values for your business has to start with one thing - talking to the internal stakeholders. We're talking staff, management, contractors and anyone else who has a stake in the internal machinations of a business.

We began by holding brand workshops to discover if there was a consensus on what people thought about the business and if this was the reality of the situation they were in. What we found was incredible loyalty and good-will, despite them all having enduring difficult times during the downturn in the oil price of recent years.

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What became clear was that we needed to harness this internal good-will and create a manifesto that not only communicated a set of values but that truly told the story of why Optimus do what they do.

Working with Cairn57, we created a tagline, tone of voice and suite of messages that demonstrated the definitive commitment to their people and the marketplace.

As a result, 'Engineering with Character' and the Optimus Manifesto were born.

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As with all brand development projects, once the strategy has been established, the brand is visualised and launched through all manner of print and digital collateral.

Our team were commissioned to work on the design, build and launch of the new Optimus brand and all it communicated.

Stakeholder Engagement

Brand Strategy

Brand Development

Website Design and Build

Marketing Toolkit

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"I for one am absolutely delighted that we entrusted this re-brand to FortyTwo, you guys ran a bold process for a company that was seeking how to speak about itself in bold terms once again. I genuinely believe this process couldn’t have happened without FortyTwo at the helm, you got us!"

— Chris West, Chief Operating Officer