The Teasmith Gin - Broich Single Estate

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The Teasmith - Grower's Edition

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The World's first gin distilled with Scottish-grown, hand-picked tea.

As brand partner, together with The Teasmith we have helped create and build an award-winning brand that has garnered incredible loyalty and international acclaim from gin connoisseurs and the craft food and drink market alike.

With the flagship spirit established, we were tasked with creating a limited edition brand extension - Grower's Edition. Of course it had to be directly aligned with the well established The Teasmith brand, but also had to be a fresh and flexible system that allowed for this release for future 'Grower's' editions.

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The Teasmith - Growers Edition. The Master of Taste has a sidekick.

Beautifully tactile and eco-friendly Fedrigoni paper stock. Rose gold foil and emboss. Dark wood closure and an exclusive 'Grower's Edition' bottle screenprint pattern.

Design and finish features that all add up to a desirable expression of an award-winning brand.

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Bottle Pattern

This limited edition of The Teasmith is distilled with rare Scottish tea leaves grown on the banks of the River Earn in Crieff. When distilled, Broich black tea gives light aromas of honey and apple. These notes have been fused with elements of the classic Teasmith profile to create a rare and unique Scottish gin.

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“Having had so much brand success when we launched The Teasmith Original edition meant extending the brand to additional lines was particularly complex. FortyTwo created the perfect balance in Broich Single Estate - all the unique detail that proved so effective in the Original but with a range of new touches that perfectly suited the overall product strategy. Another amazing job from the team!”

Nick Smalley—Owner/Founder, Teasmith Spirits Co

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