Teasmith Display Typeface

Teasmith Display Case Study
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Teasmith Display Typeface

Berries, leaves and glyphs

Designing a custom typeface as part of the brand identity system can be one of the clearest and cleanest forms of creating a unique tone and visual impact for a product. We decided that having such asset for the Teasmith brand would give us the ability to communicate key aspects of the brand and design a look that was both elegant and yet simple.

Teasmith Development

The possibilities of what the font could be were endless but we started with how we wanted the brand to be perceived and what the font needed to communicate:

Teasmith Brand Words

We had already developed initial ideas where classic serif typefaces set with uppercase characters gave the word ‘TEASMITH’ the gravitas it needed, so from there… what next? How do we create a display style typeface that is relevant to the brand, delicate with a clever execution?

The answer came from the gin itself. The two main botanicals used are Juniper Berries (as with all gin of course) and Tea - in this case Hand-picked Ceylon Black Tea.

We had also been looking at patterns and graphic devices to potentially use within the identity and broader applications - this was when we struck gold (or rose gold if you take into account the foil stamping of the wordmark) - we customised a base font (Brim Narrow) by stripping it down and creating an inner fill pattern that depicts a tea leaf and juniper berry chain - symbolic of the way the two key botanicals are distilled separately then blended together to create the final Teasmith spirit. These ingredients are central to the gin’s character and of the very brand itself.

Teasmith Display

This typeface was not only going to form the basis of the wordmark but would also give us the tool to elevate key brand messages and provide the brand with something of it’s own that nobody in this competitive market would have - a unique wordmark that is both elegant and yet full of character, one that hints at a Celtic heritage and yet does not scream the usual clichés of ‘Scottishness’ while suggesting a level of ‘craft’ and ‘artisan’ production without using those hackneyed words.

Teasmith Display Glyphs

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