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Building the website for Aberdeen's world-class conference and exhibition centre and arena.

The Event Complex Aberdeen, also known as TECA, is Scotland’s brand new world class event complex and the UK's single largest investment of its kind. With high expectations from the public, multiple stakeholders and TECA's communications team tasked us with designing and building a website that could meet the needs of the organisation and a range of different users.

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FortyTwo worked closely with the team at TECA and global operator SMG togather data for the new website, focusing initially on analysis of their expected requirements and known trends of the current AECC (Aberdeen Exhibition and Conference Centre) website.

Due to the highly public nature and investment in this project, we worked alongside UX specialist Gary Birnie for the first stage of the project. Gary brings experience from high profile clients such as Scottish Opera and Crown Estate to the table. We worked with Gary on the complex range of user groups, developing a set of user personas, as well as outlining specific task orientated journeys they would undertake.

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For development we chose to progress with Craft 3, a rock solid, highly customisable content management system that has long been popular with many of our clients. Craft allowed us to build rapidly and tailor the site to every requirement previously identified without any restrictionson those using or managing the site. Since launch Craft has allowed us to move quickly and make significant feature updates as the TECA team identified their need.

Launching without a hitch to thousands of daily visitors, data and feedback gathered so far has been very promising. As the TECA open day nears the site will see continued development to meet the demands of theteam at TECA and the foundation we have set is already proving to be a strong one for the future of events in Scotland.

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P&J Live

Since building the website and brand, The Event Complex Aberdeen has since been sponsored by Aberdeen Journals and will be called P&J Live for the next few years. As their Brand and Digital partner, we have been involved in that transition, ensuring it was seamless and provided all parties with a website that catered to all requirements.