Melt Restaurant


Having tea in your Gran's living room - with a pinch of attitude on the side.

Billed as the most famous grilled cheese joint in Britain, Melt has attained cult status since opening in the middle of 2016. Confidence, sass, vintage glory, a healthy dollop of rockabilly, a sprinkle of determination and a massive helping of grilled-cheese-deliciousness has seen Melt appear in the national press, chat mags, TV shows, and has even had Jon Snow (no, not the King in the North - the godfather of current affairs at Channel 4) serenade them with a song!

With a planned new dining experience around the corner - Mechelle (the big cheese) and her team knew that the trusty old brand need a bit of kick in the a*se. So we were tasked with refreshing it - to make the restaurant a smidge more ‘grown up’ while ensuring the shop's outspoken, no-apologies attitude didn’t grow up too much.

MELT Fortytwo studio Apron
MELT CS Vintage Split
MELT CS Vintage Menu

Identity Refresh

Brand Strategy

Graphic Extension & Brand Messaging

Social Media Campaign

MELT Fortytwo studio Adjust tint
MELT CS GI Fs Manifesto2
MELT Fortytwo studio Folder
MELT Fortytwo studio Menu copy
MELT Fortytwo studio Loyal AF Cards copy
MELT Fortytwo studio Tees

Melt Life illustration by Justin Lawrie AKA Honk

MELT Fortytwo studio Vectors wt

Fist illustration by Justin Lawrie AKA Honk

MELT Fortytwo studio Posters
MELT Fortytwo studio pins
MELT Fortytwo studio Social GRPH copy
MELT Fortytwo studio Social IMG copy

Two styles of social graphics were created, helping the guys at Melt, show off their food, as well as having a bit of fun when the wanted to. Loose and familiar language alongside strong product imagery and bold typography meant that the message was never understated and the food always had time to shine.

Melt S Hop
MELT Fortytwo studio Loyal AF White