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Emblems of Uncommon Beauty

Portia Knight creates quite stunning art prints from pressed seaweed collected for the shores of her cottage on the north east coast of Scotland. She has created a standout collection of pressings from a source material that most would ignore. Each unique pressing and print is the result of a careful second glance, looking closer, reaching down into the shallows and uncovering an often overlooked beauty.

Collecting only drift seaweed, best discovered after a storm, each specimen is placed in a lightweight white bucket, acting like a lightbox, allowing Portia to really see the potential before of committing to the specimen to press. Portia’s artwork is evidence of her care, precision and impeccable attention to detail.

We were approached by Portia to develop an artist brand for her own work alongside a standalone identity for her brand of seaweed presses. We worked on naming, messaging, brand strategy as well as Identity creation and website design and build.

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Ebb & Upwell Seaweed Presses set out to encourage others to pick up this offering remarkable past time. Through the Ebb & Upwell Brand Portia hopes to continue to build this community of seaweeders — sharing knowledge, process and end results.

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We worked with Snap to bring the Art of Seaweeding to life, and take viewers on a journey though the process.


For full edit, visit: portiaknight.com

“I approached FortyTwo with a passion project, and the team delivered a brand that expertly reflects my values and voice, effectively arming me with the tools and confidence to pursue opportunities and connect with markets that might otherwise have been out of reach.”

Portia Knight - Artist

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SERVICES: Naming, Brand Identity, Web Development, Art Direction

PROJECT LEADS: Jill Montgomery, James Erwin


WEBSITE: portiaknight.com