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Creating a visual identity for the UK's newest events complex

The Event Complex Aberdeen is the UK's single largest investment of its kind, and has been in planning for over decade. It's an events complex of international acclaim, with over 50,000sqm of events space, 3 onsite hotels, all powered by local renewable energy.

As a large public facing development, the identity needed to answer a lot of questions right from the start. With the building plans approved and the development underway, we had a tight timeline to complete the project, in which multiple national and international stakeholders, across both public and private sectors, all had a say.

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Place and Purpose

We examined geographical context, primary activities as well as the architectural cues of the building. The resulting identity draws a very direct line between these and is represented in a simple, strong, highly readable and understandable Logo mark.

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Full website design and development was essential to this brand launch

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P&J Live

Since creating the brand, The Event Complex Aberdeen has since been sponsored by Aberdeen Journals and will be called P&J Live for the next 3 years. As their Brand and Digital partner, we have been involved in that development, ensuring for a smooth transition.