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Redesigning Ogilvy Vodka - Putting Sustainability First




Ogilvy Vodka is a well respected ground-to-glass Scottish Potato Vodka.

In light of increasing challenges with supply chain, energy costs and disruptions to global shipping, the distillery needed to find a new design approach for their signature product.

Established in the premium end of clear spirits, Ogilvy had a very distinctive bottle profile, with multiple direct to glass processes and an indulgent labelling system.

With sustainable practices driving the redesign, we had clear targets to hit. The product needed to be easily and inexpensively recycled (reducing carbon impact for client and customers), lightweight (reducing shipping costs), elegant (maintaining premium product positioning), be recognisable to their existing customer base while still appealing to new audiences.

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We opted for a simple aluminium bottle, with a tall slender profile which was dressed with a three part label system, including a tamper proof watchstrap. As a vodka product all labels had to be able to withstand multiple rounds of sub-zero temperatures as their bottles are often stored in freezer compartments.

Aluminium is infinitely recyclable, and uses 95% less energy than creating from raw materials, is extremely durable - meaning less waste. The filled bottle is over 50% lighter than the glass alternative and reduces shipping costs which has allowed them access into global market places.

Since launch the brand has been lauded for their commitment to the environment and their confidence to step away from a traditional and recognised packaging system.

The labels feature a clear varnish and copper foil on a recyclable and recycled PET stock - not only fulfilling the sustainability credentials the client desired but also maintaining the premium feel of the product. This system was artworked across the full range of volumes, for 10cl up to 1ltr.

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SERVICES: Packaging Design, Art Direction


PHOTOGRAPHY: FortyTwo Studio